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July Reading Roundup

Hey there friends. Somehow it's August 8th and I still haven't posted my July Reading Roundup and all I can say is I AM SO SORRY. I realize you've all probably been sitting at home wondering if I was okay and completely lost about what amazing books you should currently be reading.

Never fear! I've returned! (Not that I every really left) and I am ready to share with you my July book joy.

So July hit me with a huge writing project (aka revising my #FoxWip) and a trifecta of strange health ailments (poison ivy, getting my eyeball punched out by my woflie, & a horrific spider bite) But I still managed to read a bunch of great books.

This month's grand total was *drummmmmmrolll* TWELVE!! Which, considering all the curve balls thrown at me in July, isn't too shabby. (Not pictured in that lovely pile is King of Fools, which I listened to on audio) Also, perhaps even more cooler than that is (with the three books I've completed since the beginning of August) I have read 97 books so far this year--and that does not include beta-reads (I've done four beta reads I think? Plus reading *my own* manuscripts, which would add another 5 to that count) BUT I DIGRESS. I am only three books away from 100 and once I hit that magic number, I'm going to do a giveaway of some sort.

So, let's talk books. My top two this month were A River of Royal Blood and Ghost Wood Song.

A River of Royal Blood was so fantastic. I went into it with reservations because it has fae characters and, unlike the rest of the human population, I AM NOT A FAN OF FAE. I've tried several different authors who write about them and every time I just still don't like them (Holly Black has come closest to getting me to like fae, and even though, as beautiful and lovely and dark as her books are, I just can't enjoy the fae-ness). But A River of Royal Blood was just perfect and I loved the fae! I want more fae like this. I propose all books featuring fae, take note, revise their content and then resubmit their fae-corrections to me. Anyway, the MC, Eva returns to the kingdom just in time to fight her older sister TO THE DEATH for the crown, as per ancient custom. Everything about this book is so beautiful. Eva has so much to deal with and I love the characterization and how REAL is feels. Is she a princess? Is she backed into politics she hates? Does she have dangerous magic that threatens her and the one she loves? YES. And she handles it like a true teenager and there are CONSEQUENCES for her decisions (one of my personal favorite things in books, legit consequences for actions & decisions) The family dynamics are *chef's kiss* and the romance!!! So! Well! Done! I am so excited for the sequel. 10/10 would recommend

Ghost Wood Song, was a treat, y'all. A treat. But, Katja, you don't read scary stories! You're right, I don't. And I went into reading this very carefully because it says right on the jacket flap: "Shady Grove...inherited...ability to call ghosts from the grave with [her daddy's] fiddle." And I was like, okay, if it gets too scary, you can stop. I COULDN'T STOP. I binged this book in a 24 hour time period. It was spooky and atmospheric and there was one bit I was worried about manifesting in my own dreams, but it did not (and has not). Overall, it was not horror, but it was 100% a ghost story (both metaphorical and literal) and you'll definitely want to keep that in mind if, like me, you're a spooky-wimp. Okay, but this book was just so magnificent and beautiful. The prose is enchanting and atmospheric and the layers of story here are so well done. It's not just a story about about *actual* ghosts, there is a lot of mental and emotional ghosts too and in the end, the who dunit factor is played out expertly. There were several places where I was like I KNOW WHO KILLED HIM and then I was wrong and when I got to the answer, I was like OMG HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT. I also want to add that my copy came from Fox & Wit's monthly book subscription box and has gorgeous bronze sprayed edges and wow, with that cover it just POPS. So if you're looking for a story with a bi protagonist who conjures ghosts with her enchanted fiddle, go get yourself a copy. 10/10 would recommend (CW: drug use/abuse, murder, emotional/verbal abuse, child abuse)

I was all ready to knock out my TBR pile in August (it was down to TEN books), then all of a sudden in the past two days, this happened:

This was the culmination of two book store trips (one local indie, one B&N) and a gift of Forest of Souls from a friend (which, I am TERRIFIED to read because apparently spiders play very heavily into it, so we're gonna have to see how it goes...) But anyway, my TBR is now HUGE again and August is about to be the month of book boxes for me (5 subs plus 2 that were delayed shipping) so I have my work cut out for me.

I'm ready though. My current reads are Cattywampus and The Fell of Dark, and I'm listening to Days of Blood and Starlight. Tell me what you're reading in the comments and thank you for reading my blog! I'm hoping to have a few more fun posts this month and don't forget about the upcoming 100 book giveaway (as in I read 100 books and doing a giveaway, not I'm giving away 100 books. sheesh. I'm a teacher, that is not in my economic ability)

Happy Reading Y'all!

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