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Harpy Girls


HARPY GIRLS is a dual POV YA fantasy that combines the fierce queer friendship of Booksmart with the action and espionage of Burn Notice. This story is complete at 103,000 words and will appeal to fans of the Shadow Games Trilogy and Gunslinger Girl. It is the first of a planned duology. 


Valen and Edria only have two rules in their friendship: Don’t lie to each other and don’t get killed. Sixteen-year-old Valen’s mind for strategy and adept ability to lie makes her a perfect spy. Seventeen-year-old Edria has a reputation for punching first and asking questions second. Both orphaned by war, they’ve raised each other and now they’re a formidable team. The girls have promising futures as Harpies—an elite team of winged thieves, spies, and assassins.


As their city picks up the pieces after a devastating war, crime syndicates have risen to power by rebuilding homes and businesses, with the most powerful employing Harpies to maintain order and control. Life under crew jurisdiction has taught them that as long as the risk pays off, it’s worth taking regardless of collateral damage. For Valen, earning her wings is more than just being named as a Harpy—it’s a way of proving she’s worthy of remaining Edria’s friend and ensuring she can’t be left behind.


While completing the mission that should earn Valen her wings, the girls uncover a coup that would not only undermine economic progress and stability but start a new war. Caught in the crossfire, Valen and Edria are branded traitors and barely escape the city with their lives. When the Halcyon, a legendary demi-god and guardian of the goddesses' magic is kidnapped, the girls devise a plan to rescue him. Bringing him to their syndicate boss will clear their names, prove their loyalty, and earn Valen the wings she so desperately desires. But some magics are better left untouched and as the syndicates vie for control, Valen and Edria will have to choose between honoring the rules of their friendship or seizing the future they’ve been promised at any cost—even if it means breaking each other’s hearts.

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STATUS: Finished  

TARNISHED HEARTS is a 97,000 word standalone YA fantasy with dual POVs. It is a f/f Ladyhawk meets Snow White and will appeal to fans of The Mermaid, The Witch, & the Sea.


Seventeen-year-old Draven is the Queen’s Huntress, taking the hearts of the Queen’s enemies in order to sustain the Queen’s magic. But, like every Huntress before her, Draven is fated to die on her eighteenth birthday—just nine days away.


Eighteen-year-old Ista is the brilliant consiglieri of her mother’s criminal empire and Draven’s paramour. Desperate to find a way to save her beloved, there is nothing Ista will not do to break the curse--even if it means working with a fanatical rebel group bent on ending the Queen’s reign.


As the eve of her death nears, Draven is focused on her duty and determined to see her protégé rise to power and take up the mantle of protecting the Queen. When an encounter with the rebels results in the death of her protégé, Draven does the unthinkable and turns to the Queen’s immortal enemy: the Witch in the wood. The Witch restores her protege’s life, but demands Draven bring her the Queen’s heart as payment before the solstice or her magic will be undone. When Ista’s involvement with the rebels is revealed, Draven questions their relationship and doubts Ista’s devotion. But Ista is determined not only to prove how much she loves Draven, but also to save her life. She attempts to make her own secret deal with the Witch. Unrelenting in her desire for revenge, the Witch curses Ista to become the mythological heart-fox. If Draven kills her and consumes her heart, she will be free of the Witch’s bargain and her fated death.

But the Witch has ulterior motives that will reveal the truth of the Queen’s power and make Draven question everything she has been taught to believe. Unable to speak of her curse, Ista must avoid Draven’s arrows and outwit the Witch if she hopes to survive. As the solstice and her death looms ever closer, Draven must untangle the truth and decide whether her heart belongs to the Queen or to Ista.

Tarnished Hearts
(aka: SAMM)

STATUS: Finished // Awaiting Revision from YA --> A 

Seventeen-year-old Rook wants nothing more than to keep her sister safe and live quietly, surrounded by the plants she communicates with. But when a rogue dragon puts her sister into an enchanted sleep, Rook must undertake a dangerous quest to break the spell.  


To wake her, Rook must find her sister’s soulkin—a creature whose soul and magic complements hers. Out of her element, Rook enlists the help of two unlikely companions: eighteen-year-old Finian, a boy born without a soul and a fugitive from the law, and Kyrdra, an exiled dragon seeking to fulfill an ancient prophecy that will restore balance to the world’s magic.


But trust between the three of them is not so easily built as they each have their own agendas. When Finian’s past catches up with him, Rook’s quest is jeopardized, and a greater plan is set into motion. Offered the soul he so desperately craves in exchange for dark magic only he can steal, Finian takes the deal—even though it means damning Rook’s sister to eternal sleep. When Rook unmasks his betrayal, she and Kyrdra must find a way to stop Finian before he kills her sister and awakens a dangerous monster instead. 


SOULKIN is a YA fantasy, complete at 93,000 words and utilizes a multiple POV structure. It combines the elemental magic of Avatar the Last Airbender with storytelling elements of 

The Last Unicorn.


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Pony Death Gods

STATUS: Drafting!  

Pony Death Gods (working title!) is based on the character of Bess from the Alfred Noyes’ poem The Highwayman meets the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, except this time, when Merle Bennet (my Bess character!) dies, she becomes a goddess of death, discovers a fantastic found family, makes friends with an undead horse named Toad, and learns that fairy tale endings aren’t nearly as neat and tidy as they’re made out to be. More details soon! 


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