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Why I love Huntress

So, I was working on a completely different blog topic and then life happened and I had to scrap it because I wasn't in the right head space to do it justice.

But I also know my two devoted blog subscribers are desperate for new content, so I took a minute and decided that today was the day for something upbeat and indulgent. So I present to you ten reasons why I love Huntress and would totally marry her.

Quick background and disclaimers: I first met Huntress via Arrow, season one and it was insta-love. Then I saw Birds of Prey and this only reinforced my love for this character. I don't know any of the other iterations (yet!) nor am I an avid comic book basically this list is why Huntress, from Birds of Prey, is awesome because of the two Huntresses I know, SHE IS MY FAVORITE.

1) Disaster Gay Icon: She is adorkable. OMG, all of her facial expressions and nuanced movements WERE SO CUTE. (kudos to Mary Elizabeth Winstead for giving us this amazing version) My two favorite moments in the movie include when Harley tells her that she killed Sionis's best friend and she fucking smiles and at the end when Montoya and Canary fist bump and she's like "I'll do that too..." and proceeds to awkwardly fist bump. Although the movie version of Huntress doesn't expressly give any sexual orientation regarding her, I like to believe she is queer af.

2)She rides a motorcycle: This is the classic bad girl vibe and I am here for it. The first time I met Huntress (via Arrow, season 1) and you see her doing the motorcycle assassination thing my heart was just like SWOON. And then, in Birds of Prey, that whole end bit with her and Harley and the motorcycle. I LOVE IT. I still lean forward and stare at the screen when I get to that bit and I've watched the movie over 20 times at this point.

3) Badass Assassin: No matter which version of Huntress you adore, in every single one she is a bad-ass who has the assassin thing in the bag. If you know me, you know that I am fascinated by assassins-- they're my kryptonite. I love to obsess over them in any type of creative media. I also have very particular standards for my assassins and Huntress ticks off EVERY. SINGLE. BOX. So she gets a super duper A+ here.

4) The Booby Trap Slide: Okay, so this one is super specific, but remember that scene where she throws the grenade, dives down the tunnel, lets the bad guy go past, lands on him and then proceeds to slide and stab him? That scene is SO COOL. And, fun movie fact, Mary Elizabeth Winstead did it in one shot. So she dove down the slide, the camera person dove after her, she jumped up, they slid past, stunt dummy henchman came through and she dropped, stabbed the dummy and the camera person caught it all IN ONE SHOT. That's fuckin' bad-ass.

5) Goal Oriented: Each iteration of Helena Bertinelli has its own spin to it, but no matter what, each one is willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain her goal of justice. In Arrow, she's going to take down her father's evil empire and get revenge for the death of her fiance. In Birds of Prey, she makes a crayon drawing of the death squad that killed her family and she keeps it (it's totally tucked into the mirror in the "Do you know who I am" scene) and she methodically works her way through the list. That is a highly marketable job skill. 10/10 would hire.

6)Killer Fashion: Again, no matter which version of Huntress you admire, she always has the most amazing outfits. LEATHER JACKETS and in the end of Birds of Prey, omg, her mask is just too cute. She's like I'm gonna own this super hero thing and I get a mask. I love her so much. And her eye makeup. Did you see her eye make up?

7)Team Player: Huntress isn't afraid to team up to achieve her goals. In Arrow, Huntress teams up with Oliver Queen and while they eventually turn into enemies, Huntress is not shy about using him to accomplish her goals. In Birds of Prey, she's reluctant to join Harley and company (her grimaced "Sure" is so fantastic), but when she does, she's all in. And during the Booby Trap battle not only does she work well with the other ladies, but she looks after Cass and shows compassion because she knows what it's like to experience that level of violence as a young child. And, to refer back to point #2, she and Harley performed that magnificent motorcycle roller derby duet at the end of the film. Harley didn't have to ask for that, Huntress was just like how can I help and took initiative.

8) Crossbow accuracy: Look, if you've ever shot anything, bow and arrow, gun, thrown axes...whatever, you know that its a lot more than just pulling a trigger. And Huntress is so damn good (also with her knife throwing). She gets many points for this skill.

9)Multi-lingual: Speaking a foreign language is sexy as hell. And she's conversational, which is just swoon-worthy. Listen to how great she sounds when she's talking to Doc in Birds of Prey. Is there anything Huntress can't do? Probably not.

10) Confidence: Huntress isn't afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks. She might think about it for a second (like right before she compliments Canary on her ability to kick high in those tight pants, which, like, THAT IS A SKILL), but she's not afraid to say it. She practices her speeches in a mirror. She sets a goal and she sees it through and she knows how good she is. We should all aspire to be as confident and bad-ass as Huntress.

And that, my dear friends is why I adore Huntress and would totally be her friend/date/marry her (I want to keep my options open).

Happy Pride Month to all my lovely queer readers. Talk to me about Huntress! Do you have a favorite version? A favorite Huntress moment from Birds of Prey? Or hey, just tell me about how much you love Birds of Prey, because I would love to scream about it with you!

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